"A Brand New Toothbrush"

Ever wondered why your new toothbrush seems to get worn down way too quickly?  This animation was created to explain this domestic mystery. 

The animation has been received extremely positively, and been screened at the Melbourne International Animation Festival of 2016, showcased in the Australia Panorama selection. 
It has been featured in a variety of articles, including being translated into Spanish as a public health notice about toothbrushes! 


Created using Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro



Transformation Animation

This short animation was for a university assignment- our brief was 'transformation'.

Created using textured paper, pen, water and put together in Dragonframe


Loop de Loop Animation

This animation was created for, entered and accepted into Loop de Loops monthly animation challenge.
Every month they have a different theme, this one's was "empathy". 

Check out Loop de loop's page for amazing short animations-

Created using paper cutouts, Copic markers, pencils and put together in Dragonframe.